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  1. Need help with XTI4000

    Ok, thanks for the help and the advice.
  2. Need help with XTI4000

    Thank you! Yes, I was considering buying an XTI 2000 just for the two subs
  3. Need help with XTI4000

    http://usa.yamaha.com/products/live_sound/speakers/passive_speakers/concert_club_v_series/sw118v/?mode=model http://usa.yamaha.com/products/live_sound/speakers/passive_speakers/concert_club_v_series/s215v/?mode=model Here are the two links.
  4. Need help with XTI4000

    The two cabs I am using now are Yamaha S215V. I am using the Crown XT4000 to push those. I am wanting to buy two of the Yamaha SW118V cabs.
  5. Need help with XTI4000

    I am running two Yamaha Dual 15's with my Crown XTI4000 and I am wanting to add two single 18" Yamaha subwoofers to this set up. Will I need to buy an additional amp or will the Crown XTI 4000 have enough power to push all of these speakers and still get a great sound?