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  1. Hi Guys, I have a D75 with lots of noise. CH1 has a constant high level of white noise going on in the background. I t almost seems like the signal is low as well. Ch2 has an intermittent white noise/crackling pfffttt business that seems to get better as it warms up. CH2 will eventually cure itself if left on long enough while CH1's white noise stays.
  2. Thanks Guys, Alain, can you tell me more about "refurbing" the "output devices"? What do you mean exactly?
  3. Hello, I have a 12 year old CTs3000 that has a intermittent problem where the audio will pop/cutout thump etc... It's running the "LOW" of a large multi-channel system church system, so the symptom is big loud "THUMPS" when it cuts out. It can be one, or a series of loud fast "thumps" almost like somebody is disconnecting a cable or something. It can go days or weeks in First off, anyone have any experience with these amps doing something like this. Secondly, what about full refurbs? Caps? Suspect solder areas? ribbon cables...? all the typical stuff in electronics? Thanks!
  4. "infamous ribbon cable"

    Can you "re-crimp" the cable? I'm not sure what type of a cable you are dealing with. I have done a re-crimp on many, many flat/ribbon cables to great success. You'll need to carefully pry the ends apart, move the connector up the cable to "fresh" cable and squeeze down. Making sure to line up all the cutters if it's that type...
  5. Hi Guys, Great forum! I have an PSA-2 that my client says they heard some intermittent "Distortion, crackling noise." I have run the amp under moderate power and almost thought I heard something strange then the amp kinda went back to normal. The front LEDs are also acting a little strange, not displaying all of them... bottom ones missing etc. Any total overhaul thoughts? Recap/ resolder? Any specific help on common distortion issues with these amps? LED card know issues etc? Thanks so much!