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  1. Hi there, new amp just arrived! I-Tech 4x3500 HD speakers are the same ( 6xVRX 932, 2xSRX728S) so I'm fighting with presets again when using default setup no. 39 from VRX900 Passive V5 R1 set called "VRX932LA-1 3x LT 80 / VRX918S" I'm not able to edit xover, eq and delay .. should I start with my own preset from scratch or shall I somehow modify this setup? If so, then how to unlock it? When I make a copy of this preset, it's still locked.. Output limiters are set to 169,1V PEAK, 60V RMS.. and no attack parameter, just release set to Manual. Any ideas please? Thank you Peter
  2. Thank you for your offer. First I'll try to let my Crown amp supplier repair my iT8k. The issue is that when I switch it on, everything works as is supposed. Let's say the sound check of a band is over and the gig is to start shortly. When first sound comes out from my speakers after some time of silence between soundcheck and gig, one channel works fine but the other one "is very quiet". If I rise my master fader a bit higher, this quiet channel starts to work suddenly as it is supposed. It just needs some more signal to break the "gate"..
  3. You are right, I still use my old XTI 4000's to power my two SRX 728S but there are two more amps (2x XTI 4002) available.. As you said before, the option with 1x iT5000HD and 1x12000HD or 1x iT9000HD??? would be very nice, handsome, beautiful.. Now the low budget issue takes place again,.. So 1. repair it8k 2. buy one more xti4002 for HF will think about it for a while. I'd love to get those HD's anyway..
  4. Hallo Avi, nice to hear from you. Thank You! You understood well. Actually I forgot to say, I have two spare XTI 4002s. Any chance on using them on HF in case of successful repair of iT8000? Peter
  5. Hi, after some time of using iT 8000 with 6 VRX 932 some technical problems came with the amp. So now I have to make a decision, what will be my next step. So far I would like to try bi-amp wiring for my VRX's. Will anybody give me a piece of advice what amp to choose? As my iT8000 is half gone (one channel woks, the other doesn't sometimes, but sometimes does...) All that I can use is 2x XTI 4002 so far. What amp should I look for? Thank you for any help Peter
  6. Hmm, thank you. Should I better change this parameter back to 600W?
  7. will ad the chart straight here.. sorry
  8. After consultation with Harman project manager i've decided to use EQ from preset made for XTI2 series amps as they are the latest (VRX900 Crown XTi2 V4 R1). Limiting was set by PDF document "VRX932LA ITech-tunings table": Will let you all know on monday next week as we do a gig this saturday. Wish me luck
  9. In this topic: http://forums.prosou...0 it's is said that there shouldn't be any difference between VRX932 and VRX932-1 as log as they are used in passive mode. I have troubles finding tunings table for VRX932 run in passive. What i found is this chart: Once used EQ parameters from the chart above I obtain this EQ curve (there is a HP filter added as I am using SRX728S): Compared to this curve (passive stereo preset), designated for 3VRX932-1 speakers and Crown XTI2 amp: from this comparison I assume, that even in passive it is not good to use EQ print of 932-1 for 932.
  10. This is for 932LA-1 and Bi-amp, but i own 932LA a run them in passive..
  11. Do you mean file "VRX900_Series_Tuning_Files_11192008/VRX932LA & VRX918S DSP Tuning Files/Crown ITech/VRX932LA ITech-tunings table.pdf"?
  12. Dear Avi, i use System Architect 3.40 and have downloaded VRX900_Series_Tuning_Files_11192008 earlier. The thing is, that in factory preset for "3xVRX932 stereo made for iTech8000" there was only crossover setting but no equalization for this speakers. That's why i created my own preset using crossover settings from that factory preset and copied EQ from preset made for XTI2 amplifiers. I am about to "build" my PA next week. I hope that this will give me a picture of what should i focus on in the next step. When using my master EQ provided by Soundcraft Si console I never boost anything, but I suggest that EQ in DSP presets is set such as to make frequency response of certain speaker as flat as possible which means cut and boosts. Thank you for your advice again Peter