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  1. Hello! I am looking for some advice on how to use a 'Tronographic Rusty box' pedal as a pre-amp with a Crown XLS 402. I am a bass player and have just purchased a second hand Crown XLS 402. The idea was to use a 'Tronographic Rusty box' pedal as a pre-amp into the XLS 402 and use a single channels output to an Ampeg 4x10 (500w @4ohm). As the XLS 402 only has XLR inputs, I am using a 1/4" jack to female XLR running from the Rusty Box's Line output into the XLS's 1st channel input. I have stripped down one end of an old Speakon cable and have exposed the black and red cables. I have attached the red and black bare wire to the binding posts of Channel 1's output. I was hoping to use just one side of the stereo output, 450w @4ohm, to power my speaker cabinet. Is this possible or have I totally dropped the ball? Has anyone else been successful with this type of setup? I would appreciate any feedback. Many thanks!