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  1. XTi 2002 no output signal

    Hey people i have just connected my new xti 2002 to bandmanager 2 input is mono into Ch 1 (Y) Ch 1 output is going to subs Ch 2 output is going to mid/high boxes Output mode is in Dual In Band manager 2 I have setup the Xover to 135 Hz, i have also setup a hard limit at 35v for both outputs. There are no EQs activated. The problem is is that i can see the input signal coming in from my desk but cannot see any output signal. When i turn the amp up via the knobs on the front panel there is no sound coming out of the speakers. However, when i go into the input section i can activate the pink noise and it comes out of the speakers. Also if i crank the input gain right up beyond clipping and turn the channels right up i can hear the sound leaking through the amp.. The pink noise works fine so ive got the PA hooked up correctly, im assuming im missing something on the sofware setup side of things. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.