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  1. Amcron 5000vz issue

    Thank u so much for u reply,working atm to fix this issue,almost forgot right channel(ioc fault one) relay, as soon i hit the power button it engages right away,there is no delay like the one into the working channel,i wonder can this IOC fault shares this with soft start function? keep in touch as soon as i get some results,best regards.
  2. Hello,have some problems with this great amplifier and maby someone can help, at this moment left channel works great and right channel got no signal on output,when i turn on the amplifier on right relay couples instantly(no soft start or 2 3 secc delay) and the IOC indicator turned all the time in green like i have i have already a signal on the imput and ofc ODEP light is on same time as IOC,already checked the VZ stage and the output stage,all transistors are ok,no short circuit or something blown.Best regards Alex