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  1. i am trying to enter in SR4733X tunings into my ITECH's. all seems well except 1 setting: jbl asks for a HI12 EQ type. the ITECH has 2 options: HiShelf 1 or HiShelf 2. which is it? thanks!!!!
  2. makes sense. thanks for the clarification.
  3. i highly doubt it. all changes to the features would likely be done through new firmware releases.
  4. the reason i ask, is i have another IT8000, 2 6000's, and a 4000. none say 'C' except for the recent one. someone at crown has to know exactly what it means. troy circuit? center? no clue i have the same thing happing but i don't pay much attention to it... 3581[/snapback]
  5. i just bought an ITECH 8000. when i browse in the menu of the amp it states that it is an IT8000C. what does the 'C' stand for exactly?
  6. just a quick update to let you know that firmware 2.03 has been released. when you power cycle an amp now, the amp gain is at the same level it was before it was cycled. works for me
  7. ugh. so i installed IQwic 8.01 over 8.0, no problems. i proceeded to upgrade the 2.01 firmware to 1.31 so that when i make attenuator adjustments on the front panel of the amp, the amp will remember them the next time it is powered up. well, some problems.... first of all, i couldn't load my presets that i saved into the 1.31 since i was using 2.01/8.0 when i typed them all in. then i noticed that when i made attenuator changes with the 1.31 firmware installed, those changes were not remembered by the amp on the next power up. so back to 2.01 i went. what a bummer and large waste of time
  8. does this mean we can use 8.01 with 1.3 since there is no update to the 2.01 bug firmware?
  9. please someone explain which combination is better. i just noticed that the 1.3 was just recently released. i also know that 2.01 has a very annoying bug where the ITech amps do not 'remember' certain setting changes after power down and power up. what are the advantages of running 7.2 and 1.3 *vs* 8.01 and 2.01? why are there 2 versions of both IQWic and Firmware for the software and amps? kinda sucks for the end user.
  10. IT 4000 Clip Indicator

    i had the same problem w/ an IT6000. had to have crown swap me with a working one.
  11. i would also like to say that i find the bug VERY annoying. i run 4 itech's @ every gig and it gets very, very annoying having to reset the gain manually at the beginning of the night (instead of the amp remembering it after last power down from the previous night). please, please, PLEASE fix!
  12. I have entered in all of the JBL tunings into my ITECH amps, however there is 1 variable that doesn't match up. the JBL calls for a L-Shelf 9 eq type, but in the ITECH dsp settings, all i can find is a Low Shelf and Low Shelf 2. which is the correct value?
  13. Bad Flash w/ IT6000, now what?

    you're exactly right. i put those .oif files in the specified directory and it worked first try. thanks! Hi, This happened to me the other day when doing the first (Screen) Upgrade on an IT4k. I just reloaded the screen firmware using the TCP IQ Utility software. Then loaded the main firmware, power cycled and no problems. There is a readme in the 2.01 firmware file that explains which firmware to load and in which order for the Itechs (there are 2 parts to it, the screen firmware is loaded first, then the main firmware) *The “***No OIF file***” found statement indicates that the .oif control file used for that version of firmware was not found by the software so it doesn’t recognize the amp. When you downloaded the firmware there was also included in the zip file a folder that contained the new .oif files. These files need to copied into the C:\Program Files\IQ Systems\IQwic directory. (You will need at least the IQwic 8.0 software.) Hope this helps Rob 2864[/snapback]
  14. i have 4 IT amps. in the past, i have successfully upgraded all 4 twice. tonight i tried to go to the latest firmware on the 1st of 4 amps and somewhere it went wrong. when i power it up, the screen just says something about "waiting for tftp" or something like that. when i try to use the tcp/ip utility, it says something about "no oif on file". now what? what's the procedure to get this baby back up and running?
  15. will there be a new itech firmware released as well? i am still on 1.301. - troy