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  1. system architech/itech question

    well it must not be too bad of an error because all is working fine, it just pops up with one of those every minute or 2. Computer is connected via a switch and all IP's are static. wasn't specific to any one rack of amps either, but didn't happen on every amp. I'll see if I get more in the future, I was updating some firmware and presets durring this, and a large amount of time these amps run w/o any computer connected. Anyway they all are/have been working fine right now thanks
  2. All my amps seem to be working fine w/ the presets that are on them but I have been seeing this error in the error looging of SA and I am curious about what it is about, or if I should fix something in the presets. Thanks DateTime: 1/29/2009 2:36:18 PM Address: 32057 Type: Error Category: Application Priority: High Name: SendTo(directb) failure Details: SocketErrorCode=HostUnreachable NativeErrorCode=10065 System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.SendTo(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, SocketFlags socketFlags, EndPoint remoteEP) at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.SendTo(Byte[] buffer, EndPoint remoteEP) at HPRO.SDIG.Networking.UDPBroadcastWrapper.Send(Byte[] data, Int32 count)
  3. are you sure? news to me if its true. Plenty of them out there working right now, kind of early in its life to be dropped. doesn't sound right to me.
  4. I noticed this too. If I had the amp just plugged into the switch, it would load fine. So a temporary work around could be having switches in all the racks. So this is probably still something related to the network card right? Similar to that old bug that wouldn't let the amp work right w/o it being plugged into the network?
  5. cool thanks As for more info on how I "stop" communications between the laptop and the amp, here is what I just did. Amp is a IT4000 this time (different amp than the 6k I used when I did this before, obviously), pc is dell inspiron 8600, XP pro ver 2002 service pack 2, SA ver, TCP/IQ Utility v8.0.0.3, IQWiq v8.0.0.3 and the amp at display fw v2.0.1.12, dsp fw v2.0112. This exercise kept SA talking, but TCP/IQ Utility lost its ability to see the amp (as well as IQWiq) until cycling power on the amp. I started with the amp in SA, loaded all the presets and then changed the attenuation from the laptop, just to make sure controls were working. Then I went to network connections, and disabled the local area connection and enabled the wireless network connection. I opened a web page, got it to load a non-cached site, closed it, disabled the wireless and re-enabled the local. A moment later the "sync w/ amp" window opened up from SA. (I may be calling that the wrong name) I had it receive all presets from the amp, and it was back online, I changed attenuation from the laptop to verify, all ok. Then I closed SA, and opened TCP/IQ Utility. At this point is where the TCP/IQ did not see the amp. I clicked discovery, with no change. The correct ip is displayed in the lower left corner. I also tried disabling and re-enabling the LAN, with no change. As soon as I power down the amp and turn it back on, it is visible to TCP/IQ Utility or IQWiq. Don't know if that's a problem or not, or something local to this pc, but that's what I did 10 minutes ago. David
  6. This number illustrates two seperate things. The 1.4V indicates that it takes 1.4V to drive the amplifier to full output. This results in an amount of gain through the amplifier of 37.9 dB. I get what the numbers (1.4V - 37.9 db) that both the itech's faceplate and the IQwiq software use and understand their purpose. It's the number that changes in SA 1.05 that makes no sense to me. It goes from 0 to 8.xx dB, and I can't find anything listing what that number actually is related to. I can't get it to equal a value equal to the other values with any "conversion" program or formula. I have the numbers in that I want as far as 1.4v or 37.9 dB that I got to by looking at the face or the grayed out box while programming presets. What I can't figure out is that SA says a number of 8.xx dB in the box that allows you to change the value (I put the xx because I don't have the program open in front of me now, and cannot remember the exact number it was showing me when connected to the amp). It is a new number/labeling convention to me, and I am curious as to what it relates to. I guess I was expecting that SA might use the same numbers I have been using for amplifiers for years of various manufacturers, but it is new to me and everyone I have asked. As for the version I am using, it is the latest SA, XP pro (on a dell 8600), and until I am at the shop, I can't say what service pack. I have got iqwiq to not see the amp after SA was comunicating fine, and my remedy was to cycle power on the amp since my last post. The IQ utility did not even see the amp until power was cycled. I will attempt to get a more detailed list of what things I did/do posted so you can see if you can recreate.
  7. downgrading Itech firmware

    I have been able to go back and forth several times now. It was me. When I first did it I was using iqutiiy 7.2, and had the oif error, after getting 8 in and putting the oif file in the menu, the utility program in my v8 folder works fine. thanks David
  8. Couple things I noticed 1) What does the dB number in the input sensitivity section relate to? While the amp shows the 1.40 V /37.9 dB, SA shows 1.40 in the grayed out box and a number from 0 to 8ish in the dB box. I am a little lost on what that number relates to. 2) In SA, there are the bandpass cross over filters (high and low pass) for both channels, but in iqwiq 8 there are 4 filters. The SA filters use filters number 1 and 3 of iqwiq. Is there a way to see filters 2 and 4 in SA. I am not looking to use them, I just found a mistake in one of my newly written presets due to a filter 2 being engaged, that I couldn't see in SA. I have noticed similar problems when I turned on a 1.301 amp that was connected to the network at the same time. 3) In SA, if I have a venue open, and go and switch my network connection to say get on a wireless connection, and get on the web, and then switch back to my setup hardwired connection, SA doesn't communicate properly with the amp anymore, and I actually have to cycle power on the amp to see it correctly again. With iqwiq 7.2, I have done this many times with no ill effects, and the amp returning just fine. I have only done small testing with v8, but it appears to do this fine as well. 4) While doing the above, I have grown used to seeing my iq error window pop up to say an amp is offline, and maybe I just haven't turned something on in SA, but other than the box that says IT xxxx - online going to offline, will any error report window try to catch my attention? (I personally do like that) 5) Finally for now, if an Itech falls in the forest while connected to SA does it make any sound? (sorry been lookin at this laptop for too long) I know I still have to experiment with any password lock out stuff at some point...... I may have some more later. David
  9. downgrading Itech firmware

    thanks, I don't believe its a dsp thing, most likely a Operator Error thing. As soon as I am done writing some v8 and sys arch settings, I will down grade and report back. As a side off topic question, I like the bandpass gain option added for system architech, and I see the control on the faceplate, but at this time, I can't find it in iqwiq v8. I am rewriting all our presets for eventual use in SA and version 8, and instead of setting gains in the crossover part I was goning to use the bandpass gain. For now, I will build these in SA (and save those files), and then resave a version from the amp in IQwiq 8. That will save the bandpass gain right? Also noticed that SA doesn't like saving venue files to folders with "." (ie folder name is 2.01 data etc) in the name. It saves device and preset files to that folder ok, but a venue file causes a crash. Thanks again David
  10. ok so I have 60+ Itech amps at 1.301 firmware, and got one new 6k that shipped with 2.012 on it. I really am not wanting to jump to 2.0/8.0 yet nor hiqnet. Everything is working fine for us on 1.301/7.2 and I don't want to rewrite 20 presets to that many amps yet. I tried the standard way of upgrading software to do a downgrade with no change in the amp. What is the trick to getting this down to 1.301? Or am I stuck with leaving it and eventually getting the rest to v2 and using iqwiq v8? What did I miss? Thanks David
  11. I-Tech Ethernet Switch

    have been using several 16 port 1 space rack mount Cyberlink CXL 16 units for a while now, no problems. If you want to go wireless from that, then just plug a wireless router into the switch at a later date and all the switches plugged into each other will be seen on the RF. I believe the switch came from tiger direct and was fairly cheap. These racks travel quite a bit and no broken switches yet.
  12. Itech 4000 crash?

    cool, the amp will probably return to you after another amp is fixed and returned. I have been in phone contact with David Engstrom about another amp, and once that one is done, then this amp will probably head back to be looked at. At this point, it is still not misbehaving again yet.....
  13. Itech 4000 crash?

    for the answer to 1) - the amp rack used all the same cabling powerwise from the amp to the motion labs rack pack. There are 6 amps total in this rack and it has 3 phase power coming in 30 amps a leg. So that isn't the issue, at the shop now for 3 days the amp is sitting idling fine, only difference that my power is from a power line, not a generator (the generator was plenty). Also I swapped power cords with another in the rack, and the other amp worked fine that day, but this amp still did the same thing. So your #2 response looks to be the more likely culprit. It also concerns me - especially since I cannot make it repeat the problem now. How likely are the amps to randomly start doing this?? There are 40+ of them here. Do I need to start sending all of them back to be inspected for this, or wait until it happens and screws me on a show (like this one) and then send it back? Is this something I can look at here? These amps rock, but I definately need them to have that bulletproof crown reputation hold up like all of our crowns have done in the past. They can't have random "fits of not working" that I have experienced on a few of our amps. Whatever I can do to help get these more toward that level, let me know
  14. Itech 4000 crash?

    today in shop, amp appears to be functioning again, it powers on each time and has been idling most of the day. It has had the power cycled numerous times. I cannot make it repeat yet. I am most likely going to re-flash the firmware and faceplate firmware. I will get to sending signal thru it soon, but the problems all happened without signal hitting it. Any ideas? David
  15. Itech 4000 crash?

    today had the amp "come back" for a while- when the rig was powered on, it came alive but was off around thirty minutes later. I cycled power several times when it came back the first time and each time it "booted" up. FYI nothing except power was connected, we left it sit and idle in the rack with the others. Returned around thirty minutes later to see it with no lights on it again and locked up. Cycling power had no effect. Its SN is 009*** (its one of our newer amps) so it should be past the bad cap ones. I'll put up more info after I get back to the shop and can pull it from the rack. David