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  1. Figured it out... Setting up a private network in Win7/8 defaults to an "unknkown" network and Windows treats it as "public" which really limits traffic. Once I flipped it to a private network, the software lit up and all is well. Why I didn't figure this out sooner, I'll never know. So if you're setting up a wireless router, make sure you flip the network type to PRIVATE on your windows box!
  2. Hi all.. I'm leasing a system from a custom sub cabinet builder and am using a Crown IT8000 amp. He uses System Architect 3.4 (whatever latest version) and Win XP and never had an issue with real-time management of the amp. I have a Win 8.1 x64 laptop and have experienced sporadic network access to the amp. If it does show any activity (input/output meters), it's for maybe 5 seconds and the meters freeze. However, making adjustments seem to be transferred. I've tried a wireless router and even a direct cable connection; static ip, just about every trick I know. In either case the application seems to be choking. Now, I will state, obviously, I have not updated the firmware on the amp, nor have I attempted to use the latest HiQnet as I didn't want to mess with any of his presets. So is using the latest software the answer?
  3. Rig setup - expansion - need advice

    Sorry to revive this but I need to gain some knowledge. With our rig (2x yamaha s215v rated at 1000w RMS) and 602's bridged (not sure the max... I think 1200). Am I adjusting the output wattage of the amp - thus to the speaker - by adjusting the attenuation on the amp? so when I peak the amp (setting it's max input) and the knob is, say at 2 o'clock, am I running the amps at 75% or say 800watts? In my mind... I think of that as the "gain" knob on the mixing board. You're bringing the signal into the amp, you're allowing the max signal to come in before going out. Correct? I think I read somewhere that amps are amps... their rating is their rating and that's what they output no matter which way you turn the knob. Right or Wrong? So if I peak the amp with pink noise to set max - what am I actually doing? Amy I setting the actual wattage output? So are my Yami's only getting 800w vs 1000+ of their capability? I'd like to understand this to put some arguments to bed and be able to explain it in layman terms. Update: I've read this: and Thanks.
  4. Rig setup - expansion - need advice

    Avi... Thanks for the link. I think I did read that somewhere before and I'll take it more seriously as I think we've experienced that to some extent. It's really good information. So are you saying doubling our rig isn't worth it? We can get a pretty good deal on the subs, but it's till a good chunk of change.
  5. Rig setup - expansion - need advice

    Avi... thanks for your $0.02!!! It is greatly appreciated (and worth more than 2 bits!). You are right, we do need a biz plan in place for this. I think our main thing is is to be able handle up to a certain size on our own. We're at the point where we'll be bumping our rate and it may be more feasible to hire production at certain price points; but right now we're kind of at that mid point where it makes more sense to handle certain gigs ourselves rather than walk away with almost nothing after production, booking agent and paying the band - what's left doesn't cover the bills. As for the subs... right now we only have 4 of the K181's... so typical shows we just side stack, if a stage or larger venue is involved we'll run them across the front. I hope to double them so we can push a bit more air and have some flexibility.
  6. Rig setup - expansion - need advice

    Awesome... thanks Alain! That eases my mind a bit. Since the QSC's are all powered subs we also only sending 100hz on up to the Yamahas... so not too much low end is hitting the tops. We do have a nice sized rolling rack (thank God) that we're going to start using so we can house those amps. I'll be sure to allow for adequate ventilation.
  7. Rig setup - expansion - need advice

    Thanks for the response dakos! Good questions and I'm not exactly sure how to answer. I'm guessing a little of both. Outdoors we're talking county fair tents, street festivals. Maybe max 500 people and about 20+ feet from the stage. It could really vary - but we're not talking stadiums here. We typically play local bars, venues but come summer the outdoor gigs pop up and I'd rather have the capabilities to do the show myself verses handing over half the gig to a production company if we can't help it. Does what I propose doing make sense? will those 602's bridged keep up?
  8. Hi everyone... I'm new to these forums and a bit green when it comes to all things PA. I co-manage a band (3 piece hard rock cover band) and we try our best to do our own production (my partner and i run production). Our current rig looks like this Driverack PA+ (xover at 100hz) Crown XLS602 x 2 Bridged Yamaha S215V x2 QSC KW181 x4 This setup works pretty well for the small to mid size venues the band plays in. We'd like to go a bit bigger so we can handle some of the outdoor shows/bigger venues. We're basically thinking of doubling the setup - mainly for economical reasons as the 602's can be found for about $200/ea and the Yamaha speakers are also fairly inexpensive. The KW181's are not cheap I have some reservations as I'm not sure having four 602s will be enough or not as efficient. Ideas. Suggestions?