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  1. Wow, all i want to do is jam out a little bit on this speakers. I got 2 stx835s and a itch 9000hd, and i just want to figure out the easiest way to here a little music out of them. Cant i just hook my laptop macbook up, via ethernet, and play some music. Im downloading firmware and software i can't open, ect... what is the simplest way to play music through here????? Do i have to go through my DAW?
  2. PLUG IT9000

    Ok, thank you so much for the advise. Now, can i test and use the 9000hd, for just 1 stx835? Would that lower the chance of harming the health of the amp? And would I risk hurting the speaker, since its all under power, towards 1 speaker?
  3. PLUG IT9000

    So what is the plug adapter, to plug it into 110v my current plug says 1353a? Whats the adapter called?
  4. PLUG IT9000

    So i have purchased 2 jbl stx835s So they are the 3 way speakers. I was told itech 9000, best for hooking 2 of those up. i don't have them at a gig, they are in a studio. I want to use them to Jam out after mixing. The plug is the funny UK, plug 220v 13amp. My question is.. Can i run this amp off of 110? Can i use an adapter plug, and just plug into my normal outlet? Sugestions please.