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  1. Got it. Thanks for explaining. Next step: I will gather the info and calculations about comp/lim settings for bass-guitar found on the internet and start a new thread soon to find out more on DSP settings. This is pretty new territory for me. Main reason to use DSP: Protect speakers and tighter bass sound. Without DSP the cones slowly move in and out while playing and I guess this is not a good thing.
  2. Hi Joust, I'm puzzled: On one hand you say: "The amplifier should operate normally even with different loads." On the other hand: "...though I DON'T recommend this setup." without explanation. I wonder: Why don't you recommend this setup?
  3. Is this possible without causing any harm to the amp? I'm using the XTi 2002 running in Y-mode or stereo for bass-guitar on stage. Channel 1: One Bergantino HD210, 400 watts RMS, 8 ohm., 44Hz-15kHz. Channel 2: Two cabs Bergantino HT112er, 300 watts RMS, 8 ohm each, parallel, 40Hz-18kHz. Any suggestions how to configure DSP for this setup?