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  1. Hi Avi Thanks for your reply. Yes, I was using compressed audio during the test outdoors . Infact I had no audience or charis at all. Its completely an open ground. I will try to do the EQ for the tunings. I guess, I understood how the Crown power ratings are calculated. I may have to re-analyse my calculations. I will get back with the updates on my tunings. Thanks Ram
  2. Hi All, I just bought the below Crown XTI 2 Series 6002 Amps - 2no. [2100W per Channel @ 4Ohms] [Not sure if this RMS or Peak Power] JBL STX 825 - 2no [1200W / 2400W / 4800W @ 4ohms] [Continuous / Program / Peak] JBL STX 828s - 2no [2000W / 4000W / 8000W @ 4ohms] [Continuous / Program / Peak] I did a test run on these running 2-825s on one Amp and the 2-828s on the other Amp. I used the Amp tunings from JBL site for XTIs [http://asia.jblpro.com/catalog/support/getfile.aspx?docid=1927&doctype=3] The subs are amazing. They really give me good thump. But coming to the 825 full range speaker, they sound very harsh around 2k to 6k range and the clarity is missing. These frequencies are so loud and masking the others range of frequencies. I tried playing different music but the result is same. I used ST and LT (Short and Long Throw) tunings with and without subs but could not get a clean sounding. Then i tried with DSP Off and the its the same. The 2k to 6k (or say 8k) range is really masking everthing else and there is no clarity. One more doubt is these Amps give me 6000W into 4Ohms when bridged. But the Amp input max current rating is around 15Amps. At 230V, it will draw power equal to 3.45kW. I am not sure if the 6000W is peak power Am I missing something? Please suggest. Thanks Ram