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  1. Hi, I'm looking add adding a single Buttkicker LFE to a hometheater setup and are considering a XLS 1000 or 1500 amp in bridged mode to drive the BK. A Behringer DCX2496 will be used for low-pass filtering (<= 20 Hz) and dynamics processing (effectivly as a noise gate). Does anyone have any experience with driving BKs with the XLS amps? The BKs are rated at "4 Ohm", but there is no information available about the impedance curve. I'm also wondering whether the XLS 1000 will suffice, or a XLS 1500 is required (I understand about the better preamp stage of the 1500, but I think that's irrelevant in this use-case) Also, do the XLS perhaps have low-frequency roll-off, or will they reproduce 5-20 Hz signals? Thanks! Best Regards, Olli