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  1. Hi All, I've got 3 x DSi 4000 amps (plus a Crown USBX) and I'd like to set up a simple panel in Motion Control to enable control of the volume and mute of all three amps at once (using a single fader to affect all channels) . It seems I can't assign the Output Attenuator parameter for any of the amps. The 'Add' button is grayed out, and if I try to drag and drop I get the circle-with-line-through-it icon. Is there no way to assign this parameter to a control in a MotionControl panel? Am I missing something? It seems odd if this is the case, because the Crown iPod app allows you to control the volume of the amp outputs. Why would this parameter be unavailable for MotionControl? I've been poking and prodding around Audio Architect for days now, reading manuals and trying any combination I can think of. Any help would be very greatly appreciated. Even a work-around for controlling the amps DWS.