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  1. xs 500 going into fualt mode

    Alain, you were right on the money the primary of tx5 was open,but it is no longer available.Guess they are going to have to be door stops,unless I can figure some way to source a replacement.
  2. xs 500 going into fualt mode

    Have to look into the ac power issue,these came from a fixed install.Kinda figured he'd run into problems trying to run these plus 2 900's and 2 1200's on two circuits,I'm suprised no breakers have blown yet.
  3. Hello all I have 3 xs500's that all go into fault when turned on and no load connected.Took 1 of them apart to check for shorted outputs all seem good.nothing else looks burnt.The weird thing is 2 took the trip at the same time the 3rd was a spare just in case and it went too.Are there any common problems to look for?Double checked my cables and monitor speakers found no shorts or fault with them.Maybe a schematic would help instead of poking around blindly.How do I go about ordering a schematic?