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  1. Tips on replacing an old amplifier to a new

    Well if you say that it is the most serious. From Harman/Cardon categories I have found the AVR 370 maybe better than the 760 model? Maybe you know From harman cardon best of the best???
  2. Tips on replacing an old amplifier to a new

    I think ill buy Home theater receiver. Can you help me to choose one of them? 1.Onkyo TX-NR1010 2.Marantz SR6008 3.Sony STR-DA5700ES 4. DENON AVR x4000 5. Pioneer SC-2023-K 6) Yamaha RX-A1030 7)Harman cardon AVR 760 What would be the most serious amplifier for my speakers?
  3. Tips on replacing an old amplifier to a new

    Yeah, In other words I probably need new home theater receiver since pro audio gear in my opinion will cost too much. Maybe I am wrong? What about powering my system with 3 amps as you said before?
  4. Tips on replacing an old amplifier to a new

    I mean, my yamaha amplifier is too weak for my JBL L Series loudspeakers. I want you to help me choose from countless other amplifiers that is the most appropriate to my 6.1 channel speaker system.
  5. Hello My old amplifier is not bad(YAMAHA DSP-AX630SE) for my old russian style 6.1 loudspeakers...... but now I have some time to regenerate the JBL Studio L Series loudspeakers and subwoofers yamaha. The current amplifier I have nothing, no power, no low frequencies, only high frequencies and my amplifier heats up quickly. I'm trying to look for an amplifier from manufacturers like Yamaha, Onkyo, Marantz, Sony, Pioneer, Denon, but it is very difficult to equate them to find the best suited to my existing loudspeakers. Of course I'm not a specialist in this field only love good quality sound.... Maybe someone could help to choose or advise for what to buy, that I could feel the power of JBL 6.1 loudspeakers. :) Sorry for my bad English. Thank you very much, I would be grateful for any advice. Respectfully: Donatas