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  1. crown 5002vz prob

    I forgot to say it only happens with a load. I will carry out what u suggested and report back.
  2. crown 5002vz prob

    thanks for the reply I re-solder both output module and apply new thermal compound. Now rail voltage is equal @71v. Ch1 is playing good audio but ch2 has distorted audio. If i turn the volume (CH2 )all the way up the loc led comes bright and stays bright even when i turn it back down. At that point i get 1.901mv on the output terminal.That will only happen when a signal is applied Any idea where the problem could be?
  3. MA 5000VZ failure

    mod switch meaning?
  4. crown 5002vz prob

    Hi all I am working on a 5002vz and can not find the problem.Ch/1 singnal stays on with no signal applied to the input.The owener said the amp will play sometimes.On ch/1 i get 105v on the + and - , On ch/2 i get 71v. Any help for troubleshooting this problem will be appreciated.