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  1. Hi, i got it, a tweeter was blown on one of my speakers and that made it seem like bridge mode improved the sound, but now with tweeter replaced they sound awesome on Stereo mode. thanks,
  2. i Have a Crown XTI 1002 and JBL LSR 6332 speakers, i don't know why it sounds so much better in Bridge mode, not only close range, can also hear it better from a distance,
  3. Hi, i seem to be missing something, i have 4 ohm per channel speakers that are rated for 200W Continuous, 800W Peak watts, but i can't seem to find how to setup the amp for them. i'm assuming they are running on 2 ohms now.
  4. ok, really cool, so why doesn't anyone post their profiles so i can grab it and upload it, would sure be cool to check em out.
  5. hey, is there a BM2 like program for mac OS?
  6. ok, that explains alot, most of them looked the same, found a few that sounded different, i will download the software and check what i find, i sure hope i'll see improvement,
  7. i bought it brand new on ebay, amp has 50 presets, just guessing as i'm trying them out, i figured there would be a chart that would help me find what i was looking for, but band manager2 will work for me, i have one amp and 2 speakers.
  8. ahh, looks simple, whats the difference between the 2 programs that you mentioned. i tried the presets that my amp has, but it seems like I'm just guessing and speakers sound boomy.
  9. Hi, i just sold all my crappy gear and bought back a DAC, crown XTI 1002 amp and JBL studio speakers, i never set up or played around with that amp, and i would like to know how the setting should be, speakers have a crossover built in, and are rated for 4 ohms and 200 watt continuos, anything i have to do? any help would be awesome!