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  1. And that Class D still sounds as musical as a Class AB like the MA line? The damper factor is huge on the K series, I didn't think Class D could get that clean. In terms of musical value, are they equal assuming equal everything else remains constant between them.
  2. My MA2400 get pretty warm after a few houra of use and with the fans running. How is it that the K series can have comperable power output with that much damper factor and not need vents or a fan? Someones got voodoo magic in these things?
  3. I am going to be converting my home theater system. I currently have BP-2000TL as my mains, CLR 2300 center channel and BPVX for the rear surrounds and supercube reference for a sub. These are all Definitive Technology speakers. I am currently running the mains off a MA2400 about 50% gain. My room is 20wx36d and I sit in the middle(roughly). I love the way the MA2400 sounds with the mains. The rears and center are run off my Yamaha RX-V2095. The Yamaha unfortunately has outlived its day. It does not support 3D, HDMI or many other standard features found in today's tech market. I am going to be getting either a Pioneer Elite SC35 or Marantz 8801. I will be using these as a pre-pro setup. I like all the bells and whistles found in these receivers but they lack the backbone to drive my setup at the volumes I like. I'm not sure if multiple MA2400s would do the trick better than the Emotiva, after all they only need to amplify a signal and these do the job very well. The Emotiva has great reviews but I'm a bit old fashioned. My amps are not in the same room as the TV so sound is not an issue. I like having the pro build mindset as the MA2400s are bulletproof, have tons or power, are cheaper to obtain. I was always told the best equipment is made in Japan or USA. I understand the antiquity of this statement and it may juvenile, does it still hold water? I wouldn't purchase a chinese car even if it was designed in the USA (standards are standards!) I look at the build quaility of the Crowns, the design, the specifications. To me, each channel should be as independent or other as physically possible. The emotiva share a lot of commonality throughout the amplification. I'm not sold that class D can compare to the Class AB of the MA line. What would the board suggest? I know these crowns are old tech but they still make virtually the identical amp in the MA2402. How bad could it be? It may be overkill, help. Thank you for looking at a dumb question from a NOOB!