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  1. Macro I-Techs and Latency

    A 1ms delay overall in the system would be no big deal. If you are going to use amps with different latency properties on the same speaker system you should think about time correction. A 1 ft. delay between speaker components is a big deal.
  2. What happens if you have vlz3600 on the parallel mono setting without using the jumper between the positive binding posts? I have a customer that was using his amps this way (connecting an 8 ohm sub to each side with an input into ch 1) and want to advise him correctly why it is wrong. I understand how to use the setting properly, but just want to make sure that he wasn't causing any damage. Thanks
  3. The folks at JBL told us that new Vertec tunings for System Architect have been sent to Crown and that we should see them posted soon. When can we expect to see the post? Thanks
  4. We are designing new racks for IT6000's and would like to know how much vent space per amp would we need in the back door. The door will be hinged, and we would like to keep it closed when in use. We would rather not use fans due to noise.
  5. I got it figured out .
  6. I am using I-techs with the latest firmware and the latest version of System Architech. When I create a custom control panel using the wizard the delay faders are active, but the level and mute controls will not engage. I tried creating my own custom control panel to control the input level, and that did not work either. What am I missing?
  7. Is there a way to download a complete user guide for IQWIC. It would be nice to have it in one file so that it could be printed out. Thanks