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  1. well, that's a lot of technical knowledge, really appreciate you taking the time to explain all of this and I thank both you and Stephane for your help and advice!
  2. Thanks, can you explain the above please as I am not understanding what you mean by "refurbish the output stages at a regular intervals"?
  3. Thanks for the advice on the speakers, I am not concerned about them really as I use a general rule when playing music, if I hear any distortion or see the clipping lights going off I cut back on the volume, my main concern with this is running the amp with "mis-matched" ohms per channel, since you've confirmed that with my current speaker usage, both channels on the amp amps are running in 4 ohms mode [thanks again] then this is safe for the amp so far so good. Let me throw one more issue at you if you won't mind please? I am thinking of adding one single 15" sub to the sonic meaning I plug the 15" sub directly into the Sonic's connector so would this mean that amp channel which runs the sonic will be now running at 2ohms? If yes, then would it be ok [for the amp] to run speakers in mis-matched mode so as in this case 4 ohms on one side for the Peavey tops and 2 ohms on the other channel for the sonci and the 15" subs?
  4. Safe for the amp? This is the Sonic Speaker: www.sonicspeaker.com/r218sub.htm and these are the biampable tops like what I have, as mentioned they are run full range with one speaker connected to the other then that goes back to the amp so I am guessing this is 4 ohms mode? If so, is the Sonic sub running at 8 or 4 ohms please? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Peavey-SP2-Pair-of-Vintage-150-Watt-Precision-Transducer-Speaker-Enclosure-/151130818700?pt=US_Pro_Audio_Speakers_Monitors&hash=item233019488c&nma=true&si=UgqNPsg7YBTWC9yFi5kbU2QHHlQ%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  5. Hey guys, I have a Crown MA 3600, I am using one channel to run a Double 18" Sonic Subwoofer and the other channel for my Peavey Tops which I run Parallel, first thing I'd like to confirm please is if both speakers are running this amp in 4 ohms mode as the sub's both 18" woofers are not run parallel [i think] since the wires from both woofers are connected to one connector?
  6. Problem was that I still could not see the 2 'grey ribbons' in the way you had mentioned to disconnect them so I could not carry out your instructions but thanks for understanding.
  7. I looked at the amp yesterday, all fuses are ok and nothing looks or smells burnt but I don't think for safety reasons I should attempt to fix this as this involves a lot of stuff I have never encountered in all of my years as a pc tech so I think your original advice will be best here that my cousin take to a service center since we are dealing with a very high powered amp here. I am just very sorry you spent all that time giving me so much detailed instructions and explanation, please accept my apologies?
  8. ok, can you confirm whether or not the output modules are what the arrows are pointing to in my 2nd image? http://img716.images...16/927/i18z.png They are like long rectangular boards stretching from top to bottom of the amp with heat sinks attached to them, one on the left side and the other on the right?
  9. Ok, taking into consideration that I have not seen the amp yet and I am only making preparations to have a plan for when I visit the cuz on Saturday, please see this link here? http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/1871/fqbs.png Trying to understand what you've written, please clarify, the no.1 are the 2 power transformers and the no.2 are the ouput modules so there are 4 pairs of them, 2 pairs on the left and 2 pairs on the right? Somehow I don't think I am correct so if those 4 pairs of black cyclindrical things are NOT the output modules but those are "capacitor banks"? If yes, then the output modules should be the flat rectangular long items which stratch from the top to bottom of the amp as shown in this image on top right and bottom left? http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/927/i18z.png
  10. Hello, I am attaching a pic here of a 3600vz I found on the net, can you pinpoint exactly what are the "output modules" please? http://img600.images...0/6067/gb5o.jpg
  11. Hello Alain, your advice to take this to service center is duly noted but since I am a pc tech, I am sure you know that the challenge to fix this has already gripped me as would any tech whether electronic or pc. In the pc world the precoess is more or less simple, you isolate the problem then swap the faulty part with a known working one so I am hoping I can attempt this in the same way, if it should turn out to be a circuit board issue then I would need an experienced tech to repiar the board, if it's any other part then maybe I can swing this myself, I will certainly give it a try, will get back here with my findings on Sunday, appreciate the info and advice!
  12. Hello guys, my cousin was rewiring his rig and he smelled something slightly burning and immediately turned off the power on his amp so he waited a while and he pressed the power button and now no power. He asked for my help, I am a pc tech but I've never tried to fix any amps before since I cannot read circuit boards, I told him I can open the amp to see what was burnt or try to troubleshoot but I would need some guidance from an experienced Electronics tech, can anyone here help in any way please? I haven't opened it yet, I wanted to inquire here for troubleshooting help first to see if this is something I can handle. I can go to him on Saturday and can perform any testing then. He was using it Stereo with the switch in the middle. He did not notice any smoke, he only smelled something more "heating up" than burning. He also mentioned that he tried to open the outer cover but when trying to turn one of the screws on the outside cover the screw would not turn and he did not want to round out the head so that's our first issue. In my experience with computers, any time a screw appears problematic I usually tap the screw this a small hammer to loosen it then attempt to unscrew it, would this same process apply here or would there be a better strategy? I am assuming that the screws on the amp were screwed in by machines which is why he cannot remove it easily? I found this from the manual on "No Power" "The amplifier's low-voltage power supply fuse has blown. Return amp to Crown or an authorized Crown Service Center for servicing." I am guessing once I can get the outer cover off I can see if the fuse has blown. Also, this from the manual for the 2400: All 120 VAC, 60 Hz units and all Macro-Tech 2400s have a separate fuse for the low-voltage power supply and cooling fan. All units have separate fuses or breakers for the high-voltage power supplies Does this apply to the 3600? If so, this suggests to me that for basically any problem it would be a matter of replacing a fuse? Help?