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  1. first series xti issue

    Hi, I have a pair of crown xti 2000's and one of them will not pass signal until I pass a very hot signal into it. Then it functions as normal. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
  2. I just recently acquired an itech6000 to go with the it4000 I already had. The it4000 functions on my network, however, the it6000 does not. My network can not see the 6000. It has an IP of IQ61273 displaying on the amp and my it4000 IQ2. I can ping it through a command prompt on my computer through the network but whenever I load up audio architecht or the netsetter I can not see it on the network. Is there a way, on the amp itself, to reset the network settings? It looks as though the last owner set some kind of static ip on the amp itself and I can not find a way to change that.