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  1. Hi all, I have an itech 4000 that I am currently having an issue with. When I power it on the green power button light comes on and stays on as it should, but the blue power light flashes rapidly. When I check the line voltage monitor it is 94 volts. I checked the actual line voltage and it is 110 volts. Has anyone had this issue or any idea where to start. Maybe bad EMI or SMPS. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, Frank..
  2. Crown XTi 4000 V_BULK Issue

    Hi, I would replace C196 even if it looks or checks out good. Also verify the bypass caps C201 , C195, & C194 I find these shorted alot of times. Also verify your tracker circuit. I hope this helps. Frank
  3. crown CDI 1000

    Hi, I think Kickstart cap is C196.
  4. Hi Alain Thanks for responding and Happy New Year. It is a CTS4200A. Like I said I did test all outputs and drivers. I also replaced the LVS with a known working one. Thanks again, Frank
  5. Hi Pat, Thank you for the response. Do you know what device caused the fault in the power supply.
  6. Happy New Year to all & A. I am working on a CTS4200 that has the blue power light flashing when I power it up. The first thing I did was swap out the LVS still same problem with new LVS installed. Then I checked all my output devices and drivers all good. Next I will be checking main power supply. I was just wondering if someone has had this problem before and have any suggestions. Thank You Frank
  7. Hi Alain, With one channel at a time it still comes out intermittently, I know sleep mode is on the i/p board that is why I said there goes my theory in the past post, LOL. I changed C161 and every other electrolytic on the main board. I will dig into crowbar circuit next. Thank You, Frank
  8. I did not touch the ULOL adjustments. My scope died just ordered a new one. I wish i can send you a video of whats going on with it. Thanks Frank.
  9. Hey Alain how are you, I finally got around to this K2 again. I checked the LV for +15V and -13V all is good there with and without the output modules plugged in. I replaced every electrolytic capacitor on the main board. I believe both output modules are good because I have loud clear sound coming out of both channels every few seconds. If I lower the gains on the mixer the amp will not produce any sound at all when I raise the gain I will get intermittent sound on both channels. Since the problem is common to both channels I suspected something is going on in the sleep section. What do you think? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You, Frank Okay, I just replaced the input card with another I had laying around still the same problem. There goes my theory.
  10. Hi all, I have a K2 on the bench that in going in and out of sleep mode. The power light goes dim and then bright every 2 seconds with signal applied. On one channel I here sound every 2 seconds on the other I here nothing. So far I replaced C6 100uf 25V, C9 100uf 25V, C23 330uf 16V , & C24 330uf 16V as suggested by Joust on some of his posts. Is anyone familiar this issue. Thank You, Frank
  11. D75 Bias issue

    Not a problem Alain. You are the man. Regards, Frank
  12. D75 Bias issue

    Hi Bob, the first thing I would replace is C1 4.7uf 100v cap. That is what I suspect. Then I would do a complete recap if you plan on keeping it. Hope this helps. Regards Frank.
  13. XLS5000 Service Manual

    Just got it. Thanks Kip..
  14. XLS5000 Service Manual

    Hey Alain how are you. Did not get it yet. Can you help? Thank You, Frank
  15. Hi all, does anyone have a service manual or schematic for xls5000 that you can send me. Thank You, Frank