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  1. I'm an Android user, so unfortunately that won't work. Mostly, I used the front panel controls to pump the bass if I felt like a little more thump. Now, I'd have to open up AA, attenuate the treble, and compensate with the input gains. It's just more steps and I have to wait for software to open.
  2. Thanks for the tip regarding XOVR and merged inputs. I'll adjust my settings. No way to control the back end via physical control? Sad day. Still, thanks for the definitive answer!
  3. For years, I used an XLR Y-cable to merge the stereo output from my mixer, and ran that output into the left channel of a dedicated EQ/crossover. I then ran the left output of the EQ/crossover into channel 1 of my XTI4000, and the bass output from the EQ/crossover into channel 2. This was great, as I could simply run the XTI in stereo mode and control the bass/mains balance by turning the appropriate knob. Eventually, the dedicated crossover gave out, but I figured I could just dive into the XTI's DSP features to pick up the slack. So I am now running my mixer's stereo output into the inputs of the XTI, which I have in Ch1+Ch2 mode to merge them into a mono signal. So far so good. From there, I have the XTI's crossover splitting the signal at 120 Hz, and sending it out. The problem, however, is that it seems that the front panel control knobs will only affect the input levels. So instead of being able to control the bass/main balance, I end up controlling how much left/right ends up in the merged signal, and the bass/main balance can't be changed unless I dive into Audio Archtect and attenuated the output of one channel or the other. Is there any way I can have my front panel knobs control the channel 1/2 outputs instead of the inputs? What I'm trying to do seems like it would be pretty common.