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  1. Crown XTi 6000 Problem

    Hello, Thanks for your detailed reply! how much are the heat sensors and how do I go about getting one? Thanks
  2. Crown XTi 6000 Problem

    Thanks for the reply. I am electronically orientated, if it's over my head I have someone close who is. What do you think the fix to the problem is? Ryan.
  3. Hello All, I have a 2 Crown Xti6000 amplifiers, one works great, the other has an issue which I need to address and repair. About a week ago I was using the XTi6000 at an event, I noticed that the Thermal Light was illuminated on channel 2, the speaker in channel 2 was still working fine, however the amps fan was on full speed! I remember reading somewhere that if I held the 3 buttons on the front of the display it would show the temperature of each channel...Channel 1 was 37 degrees and channel 2 was 87 degrees...same speaker on each channel, same input. I tried to self diagnose the problem, doing process of elimination, here is what I did; 1) Maybe the speaker cable is bad? Bought new cables, didnt work 2) The amp is wired to a "patch bay" in the front of the amp, which has 2 XLR inputs (feeding the crossover) then 2 speakons (which run through banana into the amp) I thought maybe somewhere between there might have been a crossed wire or something....so I eliminated that and went direct....Didnt make a difference. 3) Maybe there is too much in the rack and its over heating, I took it out of the rack and on my coffee table...... I turned the amp on, nothing plugged in but the power cable, let it idle. (fan set to come on when it hits 35?) did a few things around the house and not 15 minutes later the fan had kicked on at full speed, i checked the channel temperatured, Channel 1: 33 degrees, Channel 2: 82 degrees..........nothing feeding the amp a signal or speakers plugged in, nothing!!! I really need to know what is wrong and how to fix it asap as I use the 6000's to run my subwoofers, they are extremely important. Any help would be appreciated. Ryan