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  1. When the tweeters fail, the receiver volume is turned almost all the way up to the max and it is overheating. the receiver ends up turning itself off , and after a few times of that the tweeters completely fail. So would a new amp help me in this situation? Im putting my current receiver to full power to get the job done, where its overheating and underpowering.
  2. I have 2 large JBL L890 tower speakers that are 250W RMS each. Currently I am using a harmon kardon ar3490 amp which is only putting out 120Wx2. So I am underpowering these speakers by half, and I keep having tweeter failure when playing at loud levels. I was told properly powering these speakers may eliminate this problem. However I am completely clueless when it comes to power amps and crown seems to have so many different models. Are they only for mobile/professional DJs? Or would a crown amp be a good solution for 2 large home theater speakers? If so which model to go with? I dont care bout size, or mobility, just something to sit in the entertainment center. Is there a better solution then crown for my needs? I appreciate any help!