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  1. Crown xti4000

    Good night all i am currently working on this xti4000. Unit powers up normal, goes active when a signal is inputted the signal led illuminates but there is no output. When the gain pots are turned up no signal is shown on the leds. The unit stays powered up as normal. I swapped the front panel from a working unit and still the same thing. I also found the U12 was extremely hot. I changed the chip m33078 and it is good. Any one ever encountered this issue and can help with it. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  2. I-tech 6000 repair

    Hey thanks for reply. Sounds like better I buy a new amp with the amount of repairs that is needed. Lol. I have service manual so I will read up. Thanks again. If I have any further questions can I contact you?
  3. Itech 6000 service

    Other response where?
  4. Itech 6000 service

    Thanks will check on items as referred to.
  5. Itech 6000 service

    Hey, I have an itech 6000 on the bench when powered on fault LEDs on both channels are lit and screen is black. No other leds on. The channel 1 mosfets blown. Checked the bca board looks ok. Before I change outputs are there anything else I should look out for? Any tips? Thanks.
  6. I-tech 6000 repair

    Hey guys, I have an I-tech 6000 on the bench. Switch on power and the fault less go on on both channels and LCD goes blank. Found some blown mosfets on channel 1. Nothing else seems to be damaged. Anything else to look out for? Checked parts on front boards they seem ok. Would those require changing anyways? Thanks.
  7. Help with vz5002 problem

    Thank you for your response will try this and get back to you.
  8. Help with vz5002 problem

    Good day all, I am here asking for any assistance with a problem with a 5002vz any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I got great assistance and advice from you all. When amp is powered up it goes active as normal. When signal is applied and channel b is turned up and it reaches half way it good and when turned further the channel trips and causes both channel relays to go on and off incessantly until eventually channel b stays in IOC and channel stays operating. Channel a plays fine otherwise. The main board shows output module fault. This is without load attached. Swapped modules and fault follows channel b module. Checked outputs , drivers all good. No corrosion etc, no cold joints. Any ideas on what to look for to help further troubleshoot this issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated again in solving this. Thanks in advance
  9. Upgrading XTI 2000 to 4000

    Hey, seeing that the circuits are basically the same, is it possible to convert a XTI 2000 to a 4000?
  10. Crown XTI 2000 not booting

    Ok guys got the amp up and running. I reloaded firmware and all problems seem to have gone away. Thanks again for all the support and assistance it was greatly appreciated.
  11. Crown XTI 2000 not booting

    Ok guys Alain was very correct it was a power supply issue. I changed out q39, 40, 41 and the 48k resistors and the supply came up. Thank you. Then when the ready leds came up the thermal leds came on the fan went high speed, the amp was getting signal and outputting. After two mins it automatically shut down and restarted. Please note the heart beat E1 was not on but amp was on. It continued this cycle for a while till I shut it down. I eventually switched back on and it came up ok this time, I was able to up date the firmware . When it rebooted it came up normal. Then I shut it down and switched back on and it got worst. The display is showing text corrupt and the different symbols are all lit! Anybody on this? Alain could you please assist me with this if possible thanks.
  12. Crown XTI 2000 not booting

    Ok changed resistor 371, 373,370, 372 374 and 375 and q 39,40and 41 . Getting 33v between tp31 and 21. Check tp28 for 15v with reference to which point?
  13. Crown XTI 2000 not booting

    Voltage between tp31and tp21 is 15.66
  14. Crown XTI 2000 not booting

    Just a quick update. I turned on the amp and all of a sudden it came on ! It booted and after about a minute it stayed on but all the LEDs on both sides lit up and it sounded as though a relay turned off as the leds came on. I switched off and when switched back on it continued with the original problem. I unplugged it then plugged pack in, switched on and it came back up , booted fully but then the relay clicked and the LEDs came on, the display remained on. Any ideas on this? Thanks again .
  15. Crown XTI 2000 not booting

    Hey guys quick question , across c201 should measure a resistance of 60kohm I am getting 1.8kohm, I changed cap but still the same, any ideas on this?