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  1. XTi4000 Not Working

    FAO Alain (and anyone elso who could help!) Firstly thanks for all of your help so far.. A little time has passed since i last posted and I have since passed the Amplifier into the hands of a professional! He is in the process of getting validated onto here but until then I will post his results and findings. The unit was powered up. After which Q47, (IRF260N) popped. This was replaced along with it's companion diode D35, as were C196, C275 & C193. C201, C186 & C188 all measure ok as do these resistors: 8x 47.8KΩ, 1 Watt, 1% resistors 2x 35.7KΩ, 1 Watt, 1% resistors The 16V zener at the R375 junction is OK too. All the IGBT devices are ok (not short) all that happens now on power-up is the device RT6X gets hot very quickly! Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. XTi4000 Not Working

    dos anyone know how to add someone into this conversation that is a member, but has a 'validating' status? Or, can anyone out there validate him? (NoizyGeoff)
  3. XTi4000 Not Working

    Hi Alain. I have replaced the kickstart cap C196. Sadly this didnt fix it either I have also removed R375 and tested the voltage at U16 pin 1. The result I got is 37.6Vdc (250v UK power supply) Thanks. Andrew
  4. XTi4000 Not Working

    Great, I will try that. Do you mean 220uF? that is what C196 is labelled as.
  5. XTi4000 Not Working

    The resistors are in and ive checked them against the circuit diagram, etc. The voltage reading i get between the R375 junction and TP21 is steady at 6.3vdc?!?!
  6. XTi4000 Not Working

    Hi Alain. When testing the BULK voltage between TP30 and TP21 I am getting 335vdc, not 170vdc. Is this suggestive of anything in particular to look at next? Thanks.
  7. XTi4000 Not Working

    (by the way.. the resistors were faulty, the value readings of nearly all of the resistors were out by quite a lot)
  8. XTi4000 Not Working

    I have replaced the resistors with new ones from Crown but the amp still does not work... Does anyone out the have any other ideas as to what the problem could be?
  9. XTi4000 Not Working

    So I've de-soldered all ten of the resistors and eight of them are testing incorrect values (by quite some way). I'm now finding it quite a challenge to find a source to buy the correct replacement resistors. If anyone can help me, I need 8x 47.8KΩ, 1 Watt, 1% resistors 2x 35.7KΩ, 1 Watt, 1% resistors Thanks in advance
  10. XTi4000 Not Working

    Thank you so much for your advice. Are these the resistors that were/are part of the recall? Do you think this will fix the issue or could it have wiped out something else on the board? I will go ahead and replace these ten resistors. Thanks again, I will post the result of my progress!.
  11. XTi4000 Not Working

    Hi there. Thanks for your reply. There are a group of 6 resistors near the on/off switch, referred to as R370-R374 and R378 which are 48.7K 1%. Should I be suspicious of these?
  12. XTi4000 Not Working

    Hi There. I have a XTi4000 that will not switch on. I purchased it on 31/05/2010 from an Ebay company which has since ceased trading. Upon contacting Sound Tech (just within the warranty period) they told me they suspect it is a grey import and would not fix it for free. How can I tell if it is from the US or UK? ser: 8500332406 part: NXTI4000 build: 11/29/2009 Can anyone help me here? I need to get it fixed (I'm in Somerset, UK) The Amp doesn't respond to being switched on, no leds light, etc. The internal fuse is ok. I tested the output of the rectifier that is putting out 300v DC... Is this normal? Please help! Thanks in advance. Andrew