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  1. Problem with turn off transient

    Hi Joust! It's always pop on 2 channel and very large when I turn it off. I think turn on delay ok, about 6 s, it 's pop very low when relay is operate, I think the problem relate to capacitor, I changed 2 big capacitor of good amp to old amp but it's still there. Did you seen the similar amp?
  2. I repaired some old amp such as Crown 800, 1400, 2400, 3600. Some time, it's fault with turn off transient, it's "pop" very large for speaker, but I don't know why? Anybody could help me please!
  3. macrotech 1200 amp

    Hi! you may check R103, after that you can change C140, C141, C105, C106.
  4. Crown 5000VZ help!

    Thank for your support! 2 modules is the same, if I remove 2 resistor 8.2 ohm, 22ohm, Vcc is balance, Vcc is about +/-35V. when I sold 2 resistor again, it burt again, When I install 4 transistors output( 2 for low side, 2 for high side), sometime it start ok, sometime it start failure, DId you ever checked Vbe of driver transistors when you didn't install output transistor? I think if the circuit is normal, two resistors isn't burnt! are'nt you?
  5. macrotech 1200 amp

    There is secondary winding, the primary is power supply. It's about 17V AC and regulate to 15VDC.
  6. Crown 5000VZ help!

    I' ve a crown 5000VZ, but it 's damage 2 channel, when I 've removed all output transistor, I check all pre driver, driver transistor. it's OK. I check all resistor in module output, it's ok. I install module channel 1 to test voltage Vbe of driver ( I 've removed all output transistor, only driver transistor) but R520 and R521 is burnt. Vcc is not balance. Anyone had repaired a Crown 5000VZ, Please help me resolve that problem. How to check voltage driver transistor to install ouput transistor. I repair some Macrotech Crown( 800,1200,3600), normal I check voltage the leg E of driver before install the output transistors, it 's about - 0.55V. Crown 5000VZ is the same?