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  1. XS series issues

    Well You were correct, i had a 1 mohm that had grown to about 1.8 mohm. replaced.. set bias..soaked in..
  2. XS series issues

    It's definitely something open. I think it may be sticking one bank of outputs to ht also. Thanks for the reply and info. I will definetly check those out.
  3. XS series issues

    Well....So now i have 2 XS1200s in the lab... One i acquired with a DC offset greater than -30v , the other had a shorted output device, Shorted fet replaced the output devices, driver, and pre driver and fet. Short is gone.... Nasty DC Offset greater than -65v, both amps this is only related to channel 1. I cant find anything that indicates a short.. Any thoughts?
  4. XS series issues

    counterfeit transistors turned out to be the problem..
  5. XS series issues

    Hello. I have an xs500 amp that had a couple shorted transistors in it, T215, TR221 I replaced the faulty parts and all 8 output transistors, TR220, 221, 222, 223, 216, 217, 218, 219 ( i found found this to be best practice for reliability to change them all) So apparently i missed something major cause upon power up TR215 exploded and the following components had a meltdown: TR213, 211, 210, 214. D209, 215, 214. R229, 227, 260, and 224. Diodes 215, and 214 seemed ok before applied power. Any ideas what i did wrong here? Also i have an xs900 that had a shorted IRF540N in it and i can't seem to find the problem with it either.