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  1. Hi all, I am new here, and to Crown amps in general. I'll try to be as concise and as brief as I can - and hopefully not bore you all. I just would like to make sure I have all the knowledge I can so that I am fully informed before I settle for my final set-up. I have just bought the above amp for the purposes of amplifying my guitar-processor/synth/drum machine needs for a PA system scenario. The Roland GR55 guitar processor ( really works well via a FRFR (full range, flat response) speaker/amp setup. The synth and drum machine do to and come via the way of a laptop software output. At present I run the both of these (GR55 and laptop) through a Behringer Xenyx 1202 ( mixer - and I hope to use the XLS 2000 to power 2 x Dayton ( 10" 8ohm (300RMS-600 watts max) in a stereo cab. The thing is, I have found that my Fender guitar amp has far more (output) "volume" (100 watts - 2 x 12" guitar speakers) than the Crown XLS 2000 when I temporarily hooked it up to the Dayton speakers using the above setup - albeit not a very "full range" sound, because of the obvious guitar speaker limitations. The thing is - I would like to be able to have the max stereo volume capacity available to me via the Behringer mixer, to the Crown amp into 1 x stereo speaker cab. I understand that 2 x 4ohm speakers in stereo will give me 650 watts a side, and that if I pair 2 x 8ohm speakers per side I'll get 4ohms total per channel. I guess my question is... What would give me the best possible sound/volume range? I am happy to purchase the right capacity speakers (if they are available ) 2 x 4ohms @ 650 watts, or if needs be, build another cab to enclose 2 more 8ohm speakers wired in parallel. Any thoughs would be greatfully received. Paul.