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  1. XLS 2000, need to boost volume

    Seems a small mixer would not be difficult to setup. Maybe a 2 channel or 4 channel. Would give you more tone options too. The little Peavey (PV-6?) is good. Not sure if the 6 has them but the ones with more channels have amazingly good effects in them too and a USB output.
  2. I'm using an XLS 1000 to power stage monitors. I hoped I could use the two channels separately using the channel 1 and 2 knobs on the front to adjust the power to each side separately. I tried this last night but noticed that the channels (sides) are not separate, all speakers (both sides) are effected by adjusting either knob. The unit is in the default "Stereo Bypass" mode. I guess I made a bad assumption that this was actually a Stereo type amp...?