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  1. powertech 1

    To Alain posting a Proust. many thanks for the advice. Take care,Regards,Gwyn.
  2. Hi I have just aquired a powertech 1 amp. The yellow indicator light on channel A is permanently lit and there is no output from that channel. What do I check please ?
  3. macrotech 1200 amp

    Hi there. I have a problem with the above amp.The right hand channel has a d.c offset voltage of about 2 volts across the level control. I have replaced the balanced input I.C( a MC33079) but it is still the same.Any suggestions? Many thanks,Gwyn Davies,Wales.U.K
  4. macrotech 1200 amp

    Hi there.Does anyone know where the 3 way plug with red,blue,and white wires terminates? the 3 wires go into the fan windings. I cannot see anywhere for the plug to go! Many thanks,Gwyn Davies.North Wales,U.K