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  1. Agreed, thanks, that's why I asked. Bias is developed across BE junction - below cutin for outputs. Same measurement in the DC300 series. Schematics and board layouts for CE contradict the service manual. With no load/no signal, if DC offsets are small enough (~0 mV) then which output is used should not really matter, provided that measurement causes no appreciable current flow (which should be the case with high impedance DVM) - because there is no current flow through the emitter leg to output (ie., outputs are not on, no IR drop across 0.2ohm). PA
  2. CE series reference manual, p2-5, "bias", suggests that channel 1 bias be set relative to ch1 output and tp38. Schematic and examination of board traces indicate that tp39 corresonds to ch1, tp38 corresponds to ch2. Can anybody confirm ? thanks in advance, PA