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  1. Try down loading "Net Setter" as a stand alone program or as part of "Audio Architect" (similar to Sys Arch, but has more bells and whistles) and you should be able to see things like the IP address, firmware version, etc... It will also show you if you are having any IP conflicts... Also, you can try the older IQwic software which has a TCP/IQ utility and it will show you the IP and subnet mask addresses... You will be able to see if the subnet matches etc... Antother thing to consider is that if you are not using a router or switch to connect to the amp, you will need a "crossover cable" to get it to communicate properly...
  2. Crown USBx

    I have one and have been experimenting with it... I find that it works well... I have a mixture of macro 02, Itech and XTI amps in my system... It gives you access to pretty much the same parameters as the Macrotech and Itech amps... Every once in a while it gets stupid and won't populate the amps attached to it and you have to pull the usb and plug it back in... It seems to be sensitive to what order things are powered up and I haven't figured out what that order is yet... Pulling and plugging seems to work, so I just do that... The USB protocol is 1.1, that seems slow, but I can't really see the difference when making adjustments... Other than that, it seems to work well with System Architect and Audio Architect...
  3. @Sidhu: Just drag and drop the populated amps to the racks that you want them in...