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  1. Crown XTI 2 limiter

    I can't find signs when the threshold is exceeded by the signal, in SA and BM ! How can I calibrate PA, after load preset, in this case not understand ... Can you look at the pictures above and answer, the threshold is exceeded by the signal or not ??? Riddle? ))))))))))))
  2. Crown XTI 2 limiter

    I have not received an answer to my main question, which related with speaker protection. When the threshold is exceeded by the signal, my speakers get maximum power (for example: dbfs=0) !!! When did threshold is exceeded by the signal??? What can point to it???
  3. Crown XTI 2 limiter

    I mean red flash on front panel, when limiter correct signal in the output, but this related only xti1, unfortunately.
  4. Crown XTI 2 limiter

    Many thanks! I find this as the only possible solution But does not understand the lack of gain redaction of limiter. Gain reduction is essential to calibrate the system.
  5. Crown XTI 2 limiter

    Ok For example. I load preset for my speakers VRX932LA1. Then, I send signal to the input of amps (from the mixer) and calibrate it with output signal (after DSP). How can I know: DSP limiting signal in the output or not (from the FOH place)? I need to monitor maximum signal in the output. (Using dbx260 or another DSP, you can control input signal from the mixer and monitor limiting signal in the output by clipping on panel)
  6. Crown XTI 2 limiter

    Thanks, this is true
  7. Crown XTI 2 limiter

    indicator was not clipping when I changed limiter threshold from MINimum (dBFs=0) to MAXimum (-40) value in which cases limiter clipping?
  8. Crown XTI 2 limiter

    Excuse me, I was changed limiter threshold from max to min, volume changed too, but indicators was only in green ... May be clipping off...? I have 4 xti6002 with vrx900.
  9. Crown XTI 2 limiter

    Thanks! How can I now, when limiter starting to engage and limiting xti2 ? xti1 have clip limiter, xti2 haven't it.
  10. Hello how can I discover that out signal is max and limiters are correct out signal? I need it to control input signal from my mixer in case whith xti 1, we have red indicate from panel, when limiter correcting out signal what about xti 2?