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  1. Crown Macro Tech i Series

    Ok... I didn't want this post to be a long and drawn out one because I really hate to be the guy who frustrates everyone...so what i have gathered is listed below * In any amp running at 2 ohms, use the [20Hz - 20Khz] or [1hz] ratings and not the [20 Ms burst] ratings * The RCF L18P300 is rated 1000 W AES [Power Handling Capacity / 2000 W AES [Program/Continuous Power] but in reality is really 500 W RMS * Make sure not to exceed speakers continuous ratings [which i knew], so its ok to run the same said drivers at e.g 1500 W but not more than 2000 W [correct me if I'm wrong] The reason i choose these drivers, there is a friend i know who uses these drivers in some EAW 850 subs, and he powers 2 subs [4 speakers] with a Crown Macro Tech 5000VZ which is listed at 1800 W @ 4ohms per channel, and no problems whatsoever... so after all the careful reading and knowledge gaining, i think i will just decide to go with the MA 5000i, run the RCF drivers [2 8ohm = 4ohms, 2500 W as listed] instead of the 2ohm plan i was thinking about. Thanks again !!!
  2. Crown Macro Tech i Series

    Just a quick reference... I've decided to go with the Crown MA 9000i which is [as listed] 4700 Watts @ 2ohms to power 8 of these...http://www.rcf.it/pr...sducers/l18p300 [4 x 1000 watts @ 2ohms] There should be no problem there right ???
  3. Crown Macro Tech i Series

    I'm not sure of the exact wattage on the drivers for the mids and highs, so i stated that the amps would be used at 2ohms but they would be about 500 - 1000 watts more than the drivers, hence the use of the "headroom" wording. Now i see its not really an issue since you pointed out that at 2ohms the newer model amps are stable. But for now, I'd probably go with the MA i Series on the Subs with a DR260 [and save some cash] and use the XTI 2's on the mids and highs with the internal processing, and then later on, MAYBE switch out and get some i Tech HD's for the subs. Thanks a whole lot for your help Dakos, all i need now is some classes on Driverack tuning and i'll be ok. Thanks again for helping me to finally decide on what amps im gonna get. YOU SHOULD BE PAID BY CROWN [ IF NOT ALREADY GETTING PAID LOL ]
  4. Crown Macro Tech i Series

    I understand what you say about the 260, but seeing that im kinda new to the whole sound game, i would keep the analog components in case of any "spur of the moment" changes that i may have to make, like feedback issues and what not and i would probably turn them off on the DR260. About the cab building, i wont be the one doing them, would be a professional builder who does it as his profession, and its actually a lot cheaper that way seeing that i would have to ship stuff overseas then pay TAX + DUTY on them. I never thought about the i-techs because for some strange reason, i cant seem to like something that is pushing a lot of heat with a display [if you get what im saying] but im sure they have been under a lot of tests before being distributed so it will be something to consider. I'll probably use the XTI2's for Mids & Highs though, just enough power for the smaller components. Follow up questions : * How stable are the XTI2's on the same 2 ohm load ? I would be having some head room on the amps [500 - 1000 watts] * If I decided to go all out itechs for my entire system, there will be no use for a Driverack right ?
  5. Crown Macro Tech i Series

    Thanks for the response, i was begining to think i asked a dumb question and ppl were just not taking me on LOL Well first of, I'm not going to be using any of the Factory JBL stuff as most people in here probably use. Its going to be custom built subs [maybe the 728 or the VT 4880 design] Still not sure of the sub design The Drivers are going to be RCF http://www.rcf.it/products/precision-transducers/low-frequency-transducers/l18p300 Processing will be done via the DBX 260 Driverack, with external EQ 2231 and Compressor/Limiter/Gate 1066 In general i know its better to have more power than less power, so i was also thinking to run 2 18" per channel on the 5000i [2500Watts @ 4ohms] and in the long run when the system grows i would go with the 2 dual 18" [4 drivers on a 2ohm load] with a bigger amp of course, but then i may need the 12000i instead of the 9000i
  6. Hi and good day to all... First of all, I'm a new member to this forum, just trying to seek out some information on these amps. I live in the caribbean [Trinidad & Tobago] to be exact, where we are flooded with the older model Macro Techs, but I'm trying to upgrade with the times. I'm starting up my own little sound system i decided to go with these amps for a few reasons. * Weight * Power Output * Brand [of course] My subwoofers would either be : 4 single 18", 1000 - 1200 each wired down to 2ohms or 2 dual 18", same as above. I was thinking [hoping actually] that the 9000i would be perfect for running these subs on 1 channel @ 2ohms. Any +ive / -ive feedback would be greatly appreciated. P.S. i was also told that these amps would be better on Mid Range and Highs, rather than on Bass but I'm slightly confused that Crown would be making amps with all this power just for MIDS & HIGHS.