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  1. Thanks a million for your input. The amp is wired for 120 vac. There is no more than 6 millivolts max on each channel when it's measured with a multimeter. I will check grounds and supply voltage on the power supply capacitors and then the output stage bias next.
  2. Hello Alain, It get very hot to the touch where the heatsink is in the back of the amp in less than fifteen minutes. No, I didn't measure thet emp with a thermal thermometer as yet. The top and bottom of the amp gets hot where the output stage is. The fan is blowing out very hot air when you put your hand where the air comes out. The strange thing is no input jacks or speakers are connected to it and it gets hot. Thats why I am wondering if it's oscillations or a bias problem it has. I guess I will have to pull out the oscilloscope and multimeter soon.
  3. I have six xls5000 and noticed one of them gets hot quickly without any signal applied to it. I can feel very hot air at the fan. The botttom and top of the amp is hot where the heatsink is. The amp power up fine and doesn't cut off,but it just get hot and has me worried. I am wondering if it's a bias or oscillation problem. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this issue before I go inside it.
  4. XLS-802 fans question

    You will need a schematic and a multimeter. R23,or F3 might be open. F3 is rated for 500milliamps. I had the same problem,but mines was caused from heavy grease building up in a resturant kitchen on the fans that caused F3 to open or blow.
  5. Crown XLS 802

    Check the resistors and the OP Amp in the front end.
  6. So that should means the XLS5000 has a better output efficiency than the xls802 etc. I know that the MA5000VZ and the MA3600VZ efficiency was about 65 percent.
  7. I am sorry this was posted in the wrong section.
  8. I have heard so much how inefficient the old D series XLS202,402,602 and 802 were. I was expecting the same in the XLS5000D,but when I look at the schematic, the XLS5000D has a ramp up voltage from +- 40 to +-80 to +-120 VDC. Is it safe to assume that it is the most effecient amp in the old XLSD series since class H amp use ramp up voltage. On the other hand, maybe I am missing something here and need to go back to school and get that degree that I never finished.
  9. Strange issue with signal/ IOC led.

    I will hook it up to speakers and let you know.
  10. I have a Crown MA1200 that has a very strange issue. When you power it up ,the channel one signal/ioc green led comes on and goes off when the relay clicks on. However, on channel two, the green led does not come on at all. The odep led stays lit bright on both channels. I know that is normal for odep led to stay on. Has anyone seen this type of problem before?
  11. Crown K2 acting up

    There ia a video on you tube about the K1 and k2 repair. The guy talks about some caps the capacitors needing replacement and causing this on off problem. It's a lot of caps to change.
  12. MA3600VZ service manual schematic.

    I got the schematic today. Thanks a million Mr Gring at Harmon! I was thinking of posting some pictures of it,but the condition of the amp might cause some members of this forum to faint.
  13. I looked but I dont see the MA3600VZ service manual with schematic drawings for repair in the schematic download section. I want to repair this amp that is in a very bad state. I got it for $200.00 and the previous owner has treated it badly. I dont understand why someone will treat a good amp like this.This will be my pet project to restore it in my spare time.