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  1. Vertical bi-amp XLS 1500's

    Well I guess it was just not very clear in the user manual, sure looked like a bandpass setup.
  2. Vertical bi-amp XLS 1500's

    Sound was garbled, they played at low level then amp shut down. Can this amp do a vertical biamp? As in one amp per speaker, ch. 1 to woofers, ch. 2 to mid/highs. In the FAQ above it says XLS series will not work in a bandpass setup. The way I read the user manual it should.
  3. Hi, I tried vertical bi-amping my Infinity Kappa 9's with 2 XLS 1500's. I used input Y mode, crossover at 83hz. Didn't work right, did I do something wrong? Input on channel 1 only. My third 1500 will power Kappa 7's conventionally.