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  1. I-Tech 8000 fan issue

    I guess it's a new thing because I've been in my storage space and fired the amp up and the fans were running. (sometimes really loud then they would turn down) Pretty sure that was before I did the firmware update. I just don't want this thing to bomb on me at an event. Is there a way to turn on the fans to make sure they are still working? Thanks Val
  2. Saturday night i was running my itech 8000 on 4 Jbl Vrx 932s (2 per side) and after 2 hours the fan didn't come on (the fan inside the power supply didn't come on either). I put my hand by the back of the amp and it was pretty warm. I have 2 Xti4002s and a lab gruppen 7000 and the fans were all running on those. I checked in the menu for thermal errors, there weren't any. Has any experience this before? I wasn't clipping the amp but it was definitely getting pushed (4 ohm load per channel) I am running the latest firmware. Thank you Val