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  1. I did tried to update my it12000hd firmware that is actually to the newest via system architect 3.4 and ethernet and it says they cant complete the update in the error log. I did tried via usb buy putting the file (if i remember well) ithd1122.bnd on a usb key. It was the only file on the usb key and when i plug it in the front panel of the itech the amp dosent find any file on the usb key. Anyone could help with this update please? Thanks
  2. Hi i woud like to know if anyone have tried the stx v5 on the old srx series. I would like to know if they sound well because i didint have the chance to try them yet. I would use those preset for the srx728 subs. thanks
  3. I have currently many xti amp and i want to replace them by itech. I run a vrx pa on them. I want to use the process inside because i dont want to buy a driverack or a xta. The itech are at good price but ive heard they are not that much realiable. Any one knows if the hd are more reliable? Those new itech hd sound better(i have been said) and they got the bss process inside and levelmax. + cobranet seem to me to be a advantage and the new v5 preset. My question is, is it really worth paying 1000$ per amp to get those new itech hd. Thanks