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  1. What are your good and bad thoughts of these set ups ? A quick e-mail to a Crown tech, he said the best set up would be 1 amp per side in x-over mode at 90hz and after re-reading the manual this seems the most logical and buying a couple of higher wattage amps to really push them . I was hoping for some more in put if what I have would be suitable as is. Thanks for your help, Randy
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and not at all new to the PA world. I'm a drummer trying to find the best way to configure what I have to use for a small PA. I have 2-XTI 1000 amps, 2- JBL JRX115's, and 2- JBL JRX118's. What I'm looking for is to get the best bang for what I've got without having to buy any more equipment. I know I can use the on board crossover and low pass / high pass filters etc. without using the Drive Rack in the mix. Would I be better served using one amp per side with the sub in Ch. 1 and the top in Ch. 2 with about a 90hz cross over or setting everything up as a Mono feed and running the tops (parallel) in bridged mono with a high pass and running the subs (series) in bridged mono with a low pass filter, or should I be configuring in a different way? Thanks for all your help. Randy