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  1. Thanks Dakos for the promt response. The case is im getting the 500w8ohm and that 800w8ohm sub used speakers local brand from my friend for a very good offer that i really cant resist although im very interested in JBL SRX or MRX series and the spec of those speakers says that (500w8ohm) and still in good running condition. Im very keen to invest on crown amp for those cabs before i finally switch all those cabs to JBL or any other better brand and thats where i really in need of a second opinion so that the choice of the amp will suit my future setup of about the same config. Thanks
  2. I'll be using 4pcs. 500w(rms) 8ohm top and 2pcs 800w(rms) 8 ohm sub per channel for my sound reinforcement setup. Please advice on which crown amp most suitable and taking into account i might be using the same amp to set for 1 or 2 top and 1 sub per channel configuration. Thanks.