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  1. Thx, this is what i thought. I will probably add a mixer to my wish list, it will give me the possibility to use the Rotel pre-out, sum it to mono and keep total control over the sub-woofer gain (Right now, the volume is ok/quiet with the gain set at max on the XLS2000). Until I find a DAC, I'll test dual to see what kind of sound i get
  2. I just added an XLS2000 to my HT system to power a passive sub-woofer I had laying around. My main speakers are powered by a Rotel Integrated amplifier. My concern right now is the mono signal required by the XLS in bridge mode. Right now I have a work around by using the dedicated output from a sound card, but my next upgrade on the list is a quality DAC (stereo only). No need to specify that I use unbalanced outputs. Do you guys have an idea that could save me some headache? Here are my current alternatives : 1) An external "mixer" that mix left and right into a mono out. (Any suggestions appreciated) 2) Go stereo and plug each voice-coil (dual 4ohm) into 1 channel. (I dont think its a good idea...) 3) Parallel the voice-coil (total is 2ohm) and use 1 channel only (not sure I will get enough power) 4) Make an home-made passive stereo to mono adapter with resistances to protect the DAC. (Ouput level may be to low) 5) Sound-card.... (Currently, no sound-card seems to fill my needs in terms of quality and flexibility...) *What happen when you run the XLS in Stereo Mode but a speaker is plug in bridge? Thanks all!