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  1. Crown XTI 4002 "Error Opening USB"

    I have found the issue after several hours. Found that is a Windows 7 problem. I had connected the both Crown XTI 2000 & XTI 4002 amps to my PC and it recognised them both straight away. I tuned the amps and put them back on the laptop and System Architect wouldn't recognise them again. Hope this helps future Crown owners
  2. Crown XTI 4002 "Error Opening USB"

    Unfortunately not. I've uninstalled the HID-compliant device several times and still no go. I'll take a screenshot of the message that comes up. When I connect the amp via USB to laptop Windows tells me its not recognized it. Can I do a firmware update for the XTI 4002 without System Architect? I think I've downgraded it by accident using a older XTI version and using the CLoader program I found on this website. But the amp didn't get recognized before the downgrade.
  3. Hi, I've recently got a Crown XTI 4002 and running into problems. I had Band Manager 1 running my Series 1 amps without problem. As I opened BM with the XTI 4002 connected the first message I got was "missing dll files". I searched HiQnet for the dll files but couldn't find them. I found Band Manager 2 instead and it said for the new series 2 you needed Band Manager 2. I uninstalled BM1 and installed BM2. Now I get a "Error Opening USB" message on startup and BM2 doesn't detect either the Series 1 amp or Series 2 amp. Since then I have updated my Windows 7 to latest. Made sure I've got Windows .Net Framework 3.5. Still no go. I have then uninstalled Band Manager 2 and installed the latest System Architect and still receive the same message. Any ideas? I have emailed Crown but haven't received a response yet. I have searched Crown forum, HiQnet forum and also ProSoundWeb forum. Can't find anything. I did find that late 2011 & early 2012 BM2 had issues with the Series 2s but was rectified mid 2012.