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  1. XTi 4002 and JBL PRX 425s help

    Hello, thank you for replying My mixer is already outputing almost to clipping (not clipping though). I have a studiolive 16.4.2 and it should be able to output enough. Is it because I'm playing in a small practice space? We are playing metal and have acoustic drums, mesa triple rectifier guitars and bass. Do you think I should have to turn up that high to be able to hear vox? The band manager software I use already shows it's receiving inputs just how my mixer is outputing (almost all the way up) but even when I have the gain knobs up to 3 o'clock the output on the band manager software and the front of the xti 4002 don't even hit -20db Thanks again
  2. Hello! I have purchased the XTi 4002 amplifier and I am running 2 JBL PRX 425s with it. I have a few questions with my new setup as this is the first time I have done anything like this before. I have installed the presets from the website for the prx400 series and have set the preset on the display to PRX 425 Stereo. When I run audio through it though I have to turn the knobs up to about the 3 o'clock position before music starts bumping like I feel it should. I have to turn it up that loud as well also when running vocals/kick drum for practice sessions in a small room. I feel like I should be getting more power, am I doing something wrong here? Using the band manager software I can see the input levels going into the XTi are pretty good and almost reaching the top (no clipping). However the output usually hovers right around the middle Thanks everyone