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  1. 1500 xls crown PA HELP

    Ok one more question... If the amp isn't clipping is it still posing a threat to the PAs?
  2. 1500 xls crown PA HELP

    Hi Avi, Thanks for the help My main concern is to not blow my PAs. I'm in a jam band and our vocalist likes to shout. A lot. I have a mic plugged into a mixer which goes to the amp which goes to two 15" Seismic Audio PAs bridge-style. Out of fear of blowing my PAs, I only turn the amp input sensitivity to about one-third of it's full potential, but we could use more volume, especially during shows. I guess I'm wondering how much risk of blowing my speakers is involved in cranking the amp input sensitivity and lowering the mixer's gain and send knobs. Thanks again! Amy
  3. Hi, I'm powering two PA Speakers (350 RMS, 8 ohm) with a 1500 crown xls amp. I was wondering if I should or shouldn't crank the volume knobs on the front of the amp... If not, how far should I push them? The knob ranges from 1 to 10 but is that power output or just volume output? Also how does stereo mode differ from bridge mode in terms of power output? If I'm running in bridge mode should I crank the knob twice as far as I would turn both knobs in stereo mode? Thanks! Amy