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  1. XLS 1500 X-Over Settings

    Thanks again for the help. I will try it. And just to be clear the Eon's are single 15,not dual,, but I have 2 of them.
  2. XLS 1500 X-Over Settings

    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Just trying to get the most out of what I have. I am using 2- 15" JBL Eon 300's for tops. I am using the Crown XTi2000 for those and using Band Manager with it. Another thing on my sub, I have the volume/dial on the amp set at 3 o'clock. Is this about right or should it be all the way up. I just wish it had a little more "umph" coming out of the sub.
  3. XLS 1500 X-Over Settings

    I am not using this amp for anything else. Just for the sub. Is this ok? I have a different amp that I am using for the tops only. Is the Crossover Mode(Input Y XOVER) going to be ok for this purpose. I am using 1 input to Ch.1 on the amp(nothing connected to ch. 2 input). I am using the ch.1 bannana output of amp to go straight to my sub. I do not plan on connecting anything to ch.2 output.Is this setup giving 300w to my sub?
  4. XLS 1500 X-Over Settings

    I did try to bypass the amps crossover, but the subs internal crossover just doesnt seem to cut out much mids/highs, that's why I am using tha amps crossover. Does this setup Crossover Mode(Input Y XOVER) seem like the best way to run the sub? If I run the amp in bridge mode, wouldn't that be way to much power, and possibly blow the sub?
  5. Hi , Forgive me, but this is a little new to me. I have a XLS 1500 amp that I am using to power 1 Peavey PV118 Sub(400w Program Power 8ohms). I currently have the amp setup in Crossover Mode(Input Y XOVER) with the sub connected to channel 1 Bannana Plug. If this is correct, what freq. crossover point should it be set at? Does this setup provide 300w to the sub other than the bridge mode of 1050W(which I take that I should not use). I just want to make sure I am getting the most out of the sub and I'm not overdriving it. Also, I have another amp that is running my mids/highs speakers. This is being using for a dj setup coming out of a Rane TTM57 mixer. Appreciate any suggestions. Thank You, Alex