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  1. Crown vz3600 amp into JBL Speaker

    I ment turn the amp volume knobs to half. or in other words, how would i work out how far to turn the AMP volume knobs before the amp started to destroy the speaker ? 40% ?
  2. Hi Forum peeps. Ok to put the 3600vz (bridged mono) amp with a JBL S128s bass speaker ? I know JBL recommend a 2000w amp into its 1600w (average power rating),but is this ok to run the 3600vz on 50% maybe ? Ian
  3. Hi In stereo mode i have 1 channel working (RED light only on ODEP) and the other channel showing just a GREEN light (Signal/IOC) with no audio on output. No other lights on other than ENABLE. What has caused this ? Is there something i can do other than send to repair ? Thanks Ian