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  1. Which amp/s to use

    I was thinking more like a 3.1 actually, a center/front consisting of 2 woofer and 2 tweeters, then left and right which would be 1 woofer and 1 tweeter each, then the substage. I would like some advice as to what you think would be better off, this will be in a room approximately 12ftx20ft. Let me reword what I meant by flexible, I was thinking along the lines of having extra power and available options to possibly reconfigure my setup at a different time.
  2. I want to make myself an amazing home theater system. I want to power 2 subwoofers up to about 300 watts a piece, up to 4 woofers at 100 a piece, and 4 pro tweeters at up to 100 a piece. I want some room for flexibility and I can buy the speakers at specific ohms depending on amplifier specs. suggestions?